Onondaga County Legislature

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The Onondaga County Legislature unanimously approved a measure that will speed development of a warehouse project in Dewitt.  The project is believed to be a support center to aid with deliveries from the huge warehouse facility being built in Clay. 

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Onondaga County employees might find themselves the latest victims of the coronavirus as County leaders consider early retirements and layoffs.  The county is looking for ways to deal with what could be a $60 million budget gap. 


Onondaga County lawmakers displayed unity Tuesday on topics dividing the community and the nation…racism and police brutality.  The group of mostly older, white men and women approved a non-binding resolution put forth by legislator Vernon Williams condemning acts of police brutality that led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

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  With no federal aid to local governments yet and sales tax receipts on the way, Onondaga County will have to face the economic reality of the COVID-19 pandemic soon.



Onondaga County legislators held their usual monthly session on Tuesday, but not in their chambers on the fourth floor of the county courthouse.

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Onondaga County lawmakers approved a non-binding resolution Tuesday telling the state to make immediate changes to the criminal justice reforms that took effect January 1.  They include returning discretion to judges to impose bail for certain crimes, and for the state to fund the additional cost of implementing mandates under the reforms.  

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What are the pros and cons of raising the tax Onondaga County collects from people staying in local hotel rooms?  That’s the question county lawmakers are considering, after County Executive Ryan McMahon and Visit Syracuse asked for a jump in Room Occupancy Tax. 

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Republican Ryan McMahon will remain the Onondaga County Executive. McMahon beat Democrat Tony Malavenda by earning 55% of the vote to Malavenda's 45%. McMahon was appointed to the position earlier this year after Joanie Mahoney left the post. 


The only wide open race on the Onondaga County Legislature has generated plenty of interest from candidates seeking to represent the 7th district.  There was a rare primary among democrats, and now there’s a three-way contest for the district which includes most of DeWitt and small slices of Syracuse.  Now the candidates want voters to get equally engaged.

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Onondaga County lawmakers have thrown their support behind a new strategy that could lead to the seizure of certain tax delinquent properties.  The county executive’s plan to create the County Accountability and Reinvestment Corporation is seen as another tool to go after commercial properties with the goal of future development.