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New York’s ban on single use plastic bags at grocery stores and other outlets takes effect March 1, and stores that haven’t already made the change are gearing up for it. One food store has never offered its own plastic bags in its 40 year history, and they say no one has been bothered by that.

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On March 1 grocery stores and other retail outlets will no longer be providing shoppers with single use plastic bags. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration  is making a last minute push to get the word out on the plastic bag ban.

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The state’s ban on most single use plastic bags takes effect March 1st. Over the President's Day holiday weekend, Governor Cuomo’s environmental agency released regulations on how to carry out the new law. But the new rules have left both environmentalists and the plastics industry fuming.

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Beginning in March, New York will ban single use plastic bags at grocery stores and other retail outlets, which supporters believe will cut down on residents’ use of an estimated 23 billion plastic bags each year. State regulators released new rules to enforce the changes, and groups on both sides of the issue say those rules are flawed.

Gov. Cuomo Signs Plastic Bag Ban Into Law

Apr 23, 2019
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As Earth Day was celebrated Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that bans single use plastic bags in grocery stores and other retail shops in New York State.

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The sponsors of a bill to  ban single use plastic  bags in New York are optimistic that the measures will be part of the new state budget. But there are still details to be worked out, including whether there should be a fee on paper bags.

Lawmakers and environmental groups, stood outside the Assembly chambers, in a Capitol filled with groups making their last minute pitches for items in the state budget.

Assemblyman Sean Ryan, of Buffalo, held up a crumpled plastic bag, saying the overuse of the bags is an  environmental  scourge.

Governor Cuomo unveiled a number of environmental priorities this week in his state of the state address, including one that’s been a bit more controversial.

A Range of Opinions on Proposed Ban for Single-Use Plastic Bags

May 1, 2018
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Governor Cuomo has announced legislation to enact a ban on single-use plastic bags at all retail and grocery stores in New York State. While most agree that reusable fabric bags carried in and out of stores are the best option when it comes to cutting back on pollution, not all agree that plastic bags should be taken out of the equation completely.  Local organizations have mixed opinions about this opposed ban.

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A grassroots environmental group is asking Central New Yorkers to help the area earn a Guinness World Record title on Friday.  The goal is to distribute the most reusable shopping bags in 24 hours.  Mainstream Green founder and president Dana Johnston says they hope to give away 5,100 of the bags at Destiny USA during one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Plastic Bag Waste Becoming a Growing Concern in New York State

Mar 27, 2017
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Twenty-three billion. That’s the number of plastic bags New Yorkers use every year. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently launched a task force to address the issue. Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency Executive Director Dereth Glance says plastic bags never really break down and decompose. If they’re not recycled properly, Glance says they can cause harm to the environment.