Puerto Rico

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Historic protests in Puerto Rico forced Governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign Thursday after conversations leaked of he and his advisers making homophobic and misogynistic remarks. Puerto Rican natives here in Syracuse say they, and members of their family who still live on the island, haven’t seen protests of this magnitude.

(Courtesy of Rita Paniagua)

As a high school junior in Puerto Rico, Rita Paniagua decided to fulfill a civic engagement requirement by teaching English to schoolchildren in an impoverished village west of San Juan, where she lived.

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Cornell University said goodbye this past week to a special group of students who spent a semester in Ithaca because they couldn’t attend college in Puerto Rico.  The special offer came their way after Hurricane Maria devastated much of the Island.  WAER’s Chris Bolt found out the experience had impacts on the students as well as the Cornell community.

Jose DeJesus Szendry and Andrea Valdes Valderamma had one expected reaction when they came to Cornell back in January.

La Liga in Syracuse Holding Relief Drive to Support Puerto Rico Post-Maria

Oct 4, 2017

It’s been more than two weeks since hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and Syracuse-area Hispanic residents say family and friends on the island are struggling to recover.  The Spanish Action League, or La Liga, is supporting Puerto Ricans here as they cope with the impact. Executive director Elisa Morales says social media is helping to play a role in connecting people with information about whether or not their loved ones and home villages are ok.


People here in Central New York are concerned about the welfare of relatives and others in Puerto Rico.  New York is also the state with the most immigrants from the island, which is fueling relief efforts.  Syracuse University’s Bea Gonzales is from Cayey, Puerto Rico and has been trying to find out about her Father and Aunt there.  She’s heard they’re o-k, but hasn’t talked to either one.  In addition to impassable roads and no power, there’s another gripping problem.