Senator Charles Schumer

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School is back in session across Central New York, but many districts here, across the state, and nationwide are facing a serious teacher shortage.  Senator Chuck Schumer stopped at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse Friday to explain why. 

Funding for the I-81 project could come from a massive, $2 trillion infrastructure spending plan being considered by President Trump and congressional democrats. 

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Most Central New Yorkers have probably been plagued by robocalls like this:

"The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspended your social security number because we found some suspicious activity.  So, if you want to know about his case just press one now.  Thank you."

Senator Schumer Demands that VA Fixes the Family Caregivers Program

Apr 8, 2019
Chris Bolt

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the VA to answer for growing dysfunction in a program aimed to help veterans receive care at home. Iraq War veteran Tricia Smith was discharged after a back injury and has developed Parkinson’s since coming home.

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The impacts of the Mueller Investigation and the long-awaited report may well be decided by ‘What Happens Next.’ Syracuse University Political Science Professor Grant Reeher wonders if Democrats might continue the investigation too long looking for enough evidence of a crime or wrongdoing.

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Senator Chuck Schumer wants an emergency declared…not on the southern border, but for a shortage of the shingles vaccine.  He stopped at Burnet Pharmacy today to explain the problem.

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More federal rail inspectors might have been able to spot - and stop - the crashing concrete that narrowly missed causing severe injuries when it fell on Clinton Street this past July.  

Senator Chuck Schumer in Syracuse today made a call for the Federal Railroad Administration to hire more inspectors.

“The hit them once every 5, 6, 7, 8 years, much to infrequent because these bridges are deteriorating more rapidly.  That’s why we’re asking for a significant increase in inspectors.  I think each bridge should be inspected once a year, at minimum.”  

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Anyone trying to take care of a claim at the Syracuse social security field office probably knows the wait times are extremely long.  In fact, Senator Chuck Schumer says the office has the largest case backlog in the state because the office can’t keep up with requests due to a lack of staffing and the flood of baby boomers reaching retirement age. 

He stopped by the Cicero Senior Center Monday, where some residents said they’ve experienced the delays first-hand.

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The spike in gasoline costs here in Central New York is making drivers pay the highest prices in more than three years.  One of New York’s Senators says a change in a Trump Administration policy on fuel efficiency could help. 

If you drive, you can’t escape the fact that gas prices have been rising for months.  Senator Chuck Schumer details how our region has been hit over the past year just about as hard as the rest of the state.

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Some Community Health Centers in Syracuse and across the state could be forced to close if Congress doesn’t approve federal funding in the next round of budget talks.  Senator Chuck Schumer stopped by the Syracuse Community Health Center Monday to pledge he’ll do all he can as Minority Leader to push through long-term funding by the February 8th deadline.  Schumer and SCHC President and CEO Leola Rodgers explain $3.8 million and 75 employees are on the line.