Senator Chuck Schumer

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Senator Chuck Schumer stopped at Vera House today to call on senate leadership to allow a vote on the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA.  The legislation expired eight months ago, and the House already passed a five-year extension. 

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School is back in session across Central New York, but many districts here, across the state, and nationwide are facing a serious teacher shortage.  Senator Chuck Schumer stopped at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse Friday to explain why. 

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Senator Chuck Schumer says industrial hemp growers and processors in New York need easy access to capital to help them thrive to potentially create thousands of jobs in Central New York.  He visited a 100 acre hemp farm in Cortlandville today. 

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Senator Chuck Schumer is urging the U.S. Navy to name a ship after a top naval officer born in Oswego.  Senior Chief Petty Officer Shannon Kent was raised in Dutchess County, and left college to join the Navy in the footsteps of her father and uncle.   Schumer made his remarks on the senate floor.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Most Central New Yorkers have probably been plagued by robocalls like this:

"The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspended your social security number because we found some suspicious activity.  So, if you want to know about his case just press one now.  Thank you."

Senator Schumer Demands that VA Fixes the Family Caregivers Program

Apr 8, 2019
Chris Bolt

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the VA to answer for growing dysfunction in a program aimed to help veterans receive care at home. Iraq War veteran Tricia Smith was discharged after a back injury and has developed Parkinson’s since coming home.

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The impacts of the Mueller Investigation and the long-awaited report may well be decided by ‘What Happens Next.’ Syracuse University Political Science Professor Grant Reeher wonders if Democrats might continue the investigation too long looking for enough evidence of a crime or wrongdoing. / New York Department of Transportation

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for Central New York leaders to arrive at an agreement soon for what will replace the I-81 viaduct.  He’s working to secure about a billion dollars in grant funding through a federal program called New Starts designed for large, new projects.  City, county, and town leaders remain divided about a community grid or grid-tunnel combination, however. 

Fentanyl "Scanners" Could Help Protect CNY Police from Lethal Drug

Feb 20, 2019
Scott Willis / WAER News

Law enforcement in Onondaga County might soon have access to a new tool to detect Fentanyl. The very powerful and addictive drug is often laced with other drugs such as heroin, crystal meth, oxycontin and others to give addicts a stronger high. Senator Chuck Schumer says the device is similar to a hand-held scanner.

“It can detect not only fentanyl but 30 other drugs. And it’s so sensitive, that it can actually detect fentanyl that’s in a pill container. So that’s the great news. The bad news is, they cost about $80,000 each.”

Scott Willis / WAER News

Senator Chuck Schumer wants an emergency declared…not on the southern border, but for a shortage of the shingles vaccine.  He stopped at Burnet Pharmacy today to explain the problem.