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  On Saturday at 10 a.m. in Seneca Falls and across the country, demonstrators will be placing a call to action against the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.  Local Seneca Falls organizer and native Susan Scheuerman says the demonstration will have the ‘power of women’ as a central point.

People who participate in this year’s Women’s March are honoring more than the call for equality and justice.  The expected thousands that go to Seneca Falls this weekend are also commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, as well as a significant milestone for the Equal Rights Amendment. 

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This holiday season as you go through your holiday tradiitons, chances are you'll catch a showing of It's A Wonderful Life on television. Central New York residents can add to the experience this year by catching the new documentary, The Real Bedford Falls: It’s a Wonderful Life”, which highlights connections between Bedford Falls and Seneca Falls.

This week on The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss are joined by the narrator for the film, Bob Dotson, professor at the Newhouse School and WAER alumnus. They dive into Bob's initial interest in Bedford Falls, the documentary, and some of stories he's collected through his 40 years as a reporter.

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More than 300 people took part in a Women's March in Syracuse Saturday, protesting for equality in pay, human rights for immigrants and people of color, reducing sexual violence, and other issues. 

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The two takeaways from being at the Women's March in Seneca Falls Saturday were the thousands that took part; and the many, many concerns people came out to voice.  

The village credited with being the birthplace of the Women's Rights Movement drew 10,000 for a march in 2017, seen as a protest for the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.  This year's gathering drew every bit the crowd and opposition to President Trump's policies and decisions, along with personal criticisms were widespread.

Sherry Treadwell came from Rochester, with a sense of duty.

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Riders in Cycling the Erie Canal traveled from tourism location Seneca Falls through CNY natural beauty to the historic Camillus Erie Canal Park Wednesday.