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Stephen Shepherd and many of his castmates from Central NY Playhouse's "The Mousetrap" discuss bringing this Agatha Christie drama to life, perform a couple of scenes, and further delve into the realm of murder mystery. 

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This week on Stage Right Radio, Stephen Shepherd sits down with Kassandra Melendez-Ramirez, Maggie Donnelly, and Jason Luscier to discuss Syracuse Shakespeare In-The-Park's August comedy in Thornden park, "The Merry Wives of Windsor."

You'll also hear a scene reading from Jason & Maggie, and a game in which the guests try to guess whether or not certain Merry Wives productions actually happened.

This week on Stage Right Radio Stephen Shepherd sits down with Marisa Valent & Meghan Lees to discuss the new Syracuse area community theatre organization Upstate Shakespeare, and their inaugural show, Othello. You'll also hear a brief monologue from Miquon Jackson, who portrays the title character, and a game where the ladies try to guess whether or not certain Othello productions actually happened.