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State lawmakers, along with restaurant owners and their workers are pressing for a two year extension of take out alcoholic beverages. They say the practice, authorized at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has allowed them to keep their doors open and avoid some layoffs.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, in one of hundreds of  executive orders issued  in 2020, allowed  alcoholic drinks to be ordered and delivered, along with takeout food. 

New York Stops Distribution of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine After Health Risks

Apr 13, 2021
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Use of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine is on pause in New York State. The FDA and CDC Tuesday morning recommended suspending usage of the vaccine after 6 women developed severe blood clots following inoculation. Appointments for the shot were cancelled at the state’s vaccination clinics, like the one at the New York State Fairgrounds.

Criminal justice advocates say they hope to build on victories in recent weeks like the legalization of adult recreational use of marijuana, to gain more reforms for members of Black and Brown communities who are incarcerated at a higher rate than white New Yorkers.

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Progressive democrats in the New York state legislature took a victory lap after passing a budget that achieves many of the groups’ long term goals, including a substantial increase in taxes on the wealthy and the fulfillment of a 15 year old court order to fully fund the schools.  Meanwhile,  Governor Andrew Cuomo, who's embroiled in several scandals, put the best face on items that did not go his way. 

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Six days after it was due, Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State’s legislative leaders announced final agreement on $212 billion budget deal. The Senate and Assembly held a marathon session that was expected to last well into the night to approve the budget bills.

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Critics of some of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home policies during the COVID-19 pandemic marked the anniversary of the controversial March 25, 2020 order that required the homes to take back from hospitals residents who were ill with the disease. They say an ongoing federal probe does not go far enough in investigating all that may have gone wrong in the governor’s management of nursing homes during the pandemic.  

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With one week to go before the state budget deadline, Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are at odds over key points of the spending plan, including whether to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations by $7 billion. Meanwhile, the Assembly Speaker is refuting a claim by Cuomo that the Speaker’s COVID -19 diagnosis might make the budget late.


Congressmember Claudia Tenney (R-Utica) hasn’t wasted any time re-connecting with small businesses after taking office last month. Her recent tour of the 22nd District continues a tradition she began in her previous term.

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The state Assembly Judiciary Committee held its first meeting of an impeachment inquiry of Governor Andrew Cuomo, over allegations that he sexually harassed several women, as well as other controversies, but the Chair of the committee, Charles Lavine, says it could be quite a while before it reaches any conclusions.

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When Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie earlier this month began an impeachment investigation of Governor Andrew Cuomo, over sexual harassment and other allegations, he was the first Speaker to do so in 108 years. In 1913, Governor William Sulzer became the first and, so far, only governor in New York’s history to be removed from office by the legislature. I spoke to an author who literally wrote the book about what happened over a century ago.