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Onondaga Community College and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry signed an agreement today that will allow OCC students the opportunity to transfer to ESF as a junior. 

Her Hilltop High: Tip It Frosh!

Oct 25, 2019

In this episode of Her Hilltop High, University Archivist Meg Mason tells us about past first year student traditions. This includes wearing beanies to identify yourself and sometimes getting salt thrown at you.  

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SUNY ESF and Clarkson University have partnered to co-lead a new Center of Excellence to research and solve threats to the state’s water resources.  CoE co-directors Chris Nomura of ESF and Robin Hannigan of Clarkson say both institutions have complementary skill sets to address problems in depth, from invasive species and harmful algal blooms, to pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs.

About 20 SUNY ESF water stewards are among hundreds of others who’ve fanned out to waterways across the state this week hoping to prevent the spread of invasive species.  It’s called the “Aquatic Invasive Species Landing Blitz,” where the stewards ask boaters if they can perform an inspection as they exit the water.  Kim Schulz  is Assistant Professor in the department of Environmental Forest biology at SUNY ESF.

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SUNY Upstate and SUNY ESF experts on diseases from ticks stood with Congress Member John Katko to support a new proposal that could aid in reducing the impacts.

A group of students from SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry won a national competition for designing a solar powered structure with cutting edge construction techniques.  Their project could help solve several other problems Syracuse faces as well.


Onondaga County Voters didn’t have a choice this year to select a new County Executive… that’s a year away... however, the change at top of county government is now complete.  Joanie Mahoney is reflecting back on her list of accomplishments, including stepping-in at a critical point when lawmakers were poised to build a sewage treatment plant near Armory Square. 

“One had been built on the South side and it created a lot of controversy around issues having to do with social justice, like why would you build a sewage treatment plant in a neighborhood where there’s concentrations of poverty when you know you would not be doing that if the same problem were in one of the more affluent suburbs. We put a moratorium on building any more of those.  We switched to the Save the Rain (project). We now keep the clean water out of the system so we don’t have to spend all this money and we don’t have these overflows that were resulting in bacteria making its way into the lake.”

‘Save the Rain’ satisfied a portion of the federal Judgement to clean-up Onondaga Lake. 

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There will be an unexpected change at the top of Onondaga County government this fall after County Executive Joanie Mahoney announced Monday that she will step down to take an administrative post at SUNY ESF.  Mahoney has one year left in her third term in office, but she felt now was the time to accept the offer as Chief Operating Officer. 

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A fast-growing LaFayette-based biotechnology start-up is partnering with SUNY ESF in hopes of creating a future workforce for themselves and the industry as a whole.

The Interim President of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is finding the college and its faculty are ready to put the tensions with the past president behind them.  Dr. David Amberg was chosen to spend a year or two repairing some of the damage.  President Quentin Wheeler announced his resignation last March … effective June 30th.  Amberg knows where he has to start bringing the college together.