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WAER is catching up with essential service businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic to see how they’re coping with the challenging times.  In part two, we’re looking at businesses on the SU Hill that are taking a significant hit without thousands of college students around.  Jerry Dellas is the President of the Crouse Marshall Business Improvement District.  He says business was strong about two weeks ago but, he closed last week.

“I think when the order came out that the doctors and nurses were not supposed to leave the hospital, that really, kind of put an end to it.”


The essential businesses in Central New York who have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic are doing so as a good gesture to provide services to residents.  WAER News is checking in with them to see how they're coping with everything from temporary layoffs to downsizing what they usually offer.

Many of our routines are changed because of the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus … and those changes can threaten our health.  We've previously told you about replacing yoga and other fitness classes virtually to help with anxiety.

Keeping our bodies and minds healthy can be a challenge when many of us are concerned over the Coronavirus and the impacts it’s having on our lives.  In our last segment, we told you about how parks can help.  Today, we look at something some of us are missing that can be replaced by something that can keep us healthy.

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Many people around Central New York spent their weekend trying to figure out what to do while remaining safe from any exposure to the Coronavirus. There’s value in finding activities that will boost our physical and mental health.  We start a series today looking at a few ways to preserve your body and mind, which can play a role in dealing with the threat of the virus.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order Saturday moving the presidential primary from April 28th to June 23rd, in the wake of health concerns from the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The move aligns the voting for presidential nominees to the same date voters would be choosing congressional and legislature nominees in the various parties.

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Syracuse-area Congress Member John Katko fully supports the stimulus bill heading to the house.  He shared some of the details he believes will help Central New York, including more than 300 Billion dollars for small business loans.  Katko says there will be very little paperwork, and if used for essential costs, a business won’t have to pay them back.

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The number of cases of COVID 19 in Onondaga County jumped 35% as of Wednesday’s local update.  County leaders continue to emphasize staying isolated, while saying those told to stay in quarantine could face criminal charges should they ignore the order. 

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Many college students enrolled in local schools started classes again this week after spring break.  The isolation policies due to the coronavirus are affecting students’ learning … as well as organizations that help them. One student from Syracuse is trying to keep her dream alive amid the changes and restrictions. 

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Onondaga County saw a jump in thnumber of Covid 19 cases as the results of more and more tests come in.  County Executive Ryan McMahn announced at a Saturday briefing on the virus outbreak 21 new confirmed cases.  That brings the county total to 34 as of the 3:00 p.m. briefing.  He added 80 people are in quarantine, watching their symptoms.
(Watch Saturday Briefing Here)