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  Anyone who's passed through Syracuse’s Hancock Airport in recent years has probably been perplexed by the awkward automated exit portals at the terminals.  Airport Authority Executive Director Jason Terreri says they’ve been replaced with more efficient security lanes.

Elderly New Yorkers can determine their risk for contracting COVID-19 thanks to a new online tool from the State’s Office for the Aging.  It’s called CV-19 Check-up, and allows you to put in anonymous information to see how likely you are to become infected, and how severe the infection can progress. 

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US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand feels President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is against the Affordable Care Act and worries that pre-existing conditions for insurance plans are on the line.  However, Judge Amy Coney Barrett maintains she had no agenda to repeal the ACA.  Gillibrand says that Senator Lindsay Graham is “hell-bent” on pushing through the nomination process in time for a November 11th ACA lawsuit to be heard by the court.  That would happen after Election Day.

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African-American men marched united on the streets of Syracuse Saturday for the Suited Up for Solidarity march, organized by Black Men United and Interfaith Works. The march was intended to empower black men and boys, and change the stigma of black men in the eyes of the community.

Positive coronavirus cases in the White House and among top US military leaders have raised the concern of one Syracuse University International Relations expert regarding the nation’s national security.  Officials out for medical treatment or in quarantine from exposure raises questions about leadership. 


Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is one of seven mayors voluntarily quarantining at home for 14 days "out of an abundance of caution" after potential exposure to COVID-19 at a Wednesday press conference.  Binghamton Mayor Rich David fell ill a couple hours later, went to the hospital, and tested positive. Walsh characterizes his contact as minimal, and is leaving it to county health department officials to determine who else might be told to quarantine.

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More than a dozen residents stood in front of the Syracuse City School District headquarters on Friday evening to protest the district’s decision to reopen public school on Monday, October 5th. Teachers and parents have concerns over COVID 19 health risks and learning disparities. 

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As campaigns enter their final month, Congress member John Katko and challenger Dana Balter are promoting ideas to prepare for a possible second coronavirus wave, and to help businesses suffering from the first one.  

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The Director of the Tully Free Speech Center at Syracuse University’s Newhouse school is remembering Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a person who held a firm grasp on hi-tech issues.  Roy Gutterman met Ginsburg on two occasions and observed her during oral arguments where she had an impact on media and media law.

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Reactions to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg quickly switched from condolence and praise for her landmark career to political posturing over whether a replacement nominee should be rushed through before November’s Election.  Reactions from Both Syracuse political experts and New York elected officials show they want the people’s voice to be defended.