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Syracuse’s Police Chief says two homicides over the weekend and another killing form last weekend are not connected to recent protests, but rather drug and gang activity.   Together, the three killings push the city’s number of homicides for the year to 17. 

Global Warming Forum

Environmentalists and clean water advocates are celebrating passage of a bill that can help prevent the wastewater from hydro-fracking from getting into New York’s waterways.  There had been a loophole in clean water rules that prohibited any water used in oil or gas exploration from being categorized as hazardous. 

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As Syracuse University and other schools consider starting college sports, the athletes’ academics and health are both concerns while the coronavirus is still a threat.  The SU athletics department is making the case for preserving as much of the on-campus experience as possible for the student athletes.

Central New York Congress members from opposite sides of the political aisle have a lot of similar ideas about how to help the country deal with the ongoing COVID pandemic.  Democrat Anthony Brindisi and Republican John Katko are both concerned about the financial troubles cities are in.  Brindisi says local communities have struggled because of how long things have been shut down.

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A diverse group of nearly two dozen people will begin meeting later this month to make recommendations to Mayor Ben Walsh regarding the future of Columbus Circle.  Two members of the group share their perspectives and challenges the members must overcome.

Central New York’s attention has understandably been on the COVID pandemic and racial justice.  But three area educators wanted to focus on another looming crisis – climate change.  

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Central New York businesses still hurting or closed due to the coronavirus pandemic can seek remaining federal funds to assist with bills and retain employees.  

Syracuse Mets

Major League Baseball is gearing up for the start of the 2020 season in just a few weeks. With that, though, came the cancellation of the minor league season due to COVID-19.

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The winner of the Democratic Primary in New York’s 24th Congressional District emerged today thanking her supporters and her former challenger, after Francis Conole conceded.  The post Election Night gathering was held at Dana Balter's campaign headquarters in Syracuse. 

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Restaurants in Syracuse’s Westcott Community appear to be having a nice showing of patrons as they reopen following the onset of the pandemic.  WAER News was invited on a tour of the area with Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and Assemblymember Pam Hunter interacting with business owners and patrons.