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The union that represents Syracuse Police officers is asking those protesting downtown to leave the scene as soon as it turns violent.  President of the Syracuse Police Benevolent Association Jeff Piedmonte in a release asked the media to spread the word as protests entered a fourth day Tuesday evening.  

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Peaceful protests in downtown Syracuse over police treatment of black individuals turned violent Saturday night.  Vandals broke windows of several downtown stores as police amassed on streets and in front of some businesses.  Police officers in riot gear and armored police vehicles took to Syracuse streets o control a crowd that swelled from several hundred people at the justice center to more than a thousand running around downtown streets. 

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Policing has become a different challenge for Syracuse Police officers during the coronavirus pandemic.  Shelter-in-place orders and closures of schools and businesses have resulted in reduced crime.  But Police Chief Kenton Buckner has some other concerns.

Crime has dropped for three consecutive weeks in the city of Syracuse.  And Chief Buckner says when officers do respond to calls, they’re taking extra health precautions.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many family, business, and government meetings to be held virtually, and that includes Monday’s Syracuse Common Council meeting.

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A Syracuse Common Councilor is delaying a vote on a tentative contract with the police union, saying the total cost of the agreement might be much more than originally estimated.  Finance committee chairman Tim Rudd says instead of $12 million, it could be more than $20 million. 

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The tentative contract agreement between the city of Syracuse and its police union aims to address two major challenges facing the department:  Recruitment and retention.  Officials talked about the 4 1/2 year deal Wednesday with a committee of common councilors. 

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The Syracuse Police Chief and Manager of Destiny USA want to reassure shoppers the shooting incident on Black Friday in the food court area was an isolated incident.  Police were alerted shortly after 7 PM and quickly responded to the scene.  Chief Kenton Buckner says a victim was shot twice in the leg. 

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It was February 4th, 2018, when then-Syracuse Police Sgt. James Milana pulled up on the scene of a man wielding a gun on South Salina Street near West Calthrop Avenue.  Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul picks up the story…

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Youth and community advocacy groups in Syracuse are working with city police to try and bridge gaps between officers and neighborhoods.  The SPD has been making a concerted effort to connect with the residents they serve and nurture more positive interactions. 

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Syracuse Police are ready to take the next step in their body-worn Camera program.  The department is looking for feedback to make the technology the most effective.