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The high demand of saliva testing for young students is causing an appointment backlog at Onondaga County’s school COVID-19 testing site at NBT Bank Stadium. Tests are administered and processed by Upstate University Hospital. County Executive Ryan McMahon said Upstate received around 6,000 calls this week, compared to its usual 1,200.

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A recent New York State School Boards Association survey shows that only 44 percent of districts feel they can re-open without additional funding amid the threat of COVID-19.  Three main questions were randomly sent to more than 700 school board members.   

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Students are Back to School this week in the Syracuse area.  For some, part of summer vacation was spent learning through activities that introduced them to new areas of study and career fields.  The Syracuse City School District has significantly expanded their career-focused education in P-TECH and C-TECH programs to engage students and held summer internships.  Meanwhile, a new charter school, OnTECH High School opened this week and is not career specific and allows students to determine their own interests.  WAER’s John Smith takes us on a journey through the programs and talks with edu

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Four hundred families in Syracuse will have a bit of an easier time getting their kids to school fed and ready to learn this year thanks to a partnership between Feed the Children and PriceRite. The Feeding Minds and Bodies campaign is offering crucial food, personal care, and school supplies to 100 families in need from each of the City school district’s four middle schools. 

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Mayor Stephanie Miner reflected on some of the city’s most intractable problems she’s had to confront in her almost 8 years as mayor.  Issues such as violence, struggling schools, and poverty were among her largest challenges.  Her farewell address covered how such problems were faced and critical obstacles that remain.

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About 100 Syracuse middle school students made their voices heard Thursday at a first-ever symposium designed to collect feedback on their educational experience.  Most were candid with their answers on sensitive topics, including this panel of students who were asked if they felt their peers were treated differently based on race.

This was one of many groups of mixed students at the event who discussed the varying perceptions of race among students and faculty.

Many of the middle school students also see their peers regarded differently when it comes to discipline.

Hillary Clinton Brings Presidential Campaign to Syracuse

Apr 1, 2016
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   Former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton made two stops in Syracuse as part of her campaign Friday. She met with local business owners Syracuse's Institute of Technology at Central High School first and then proceeded to a rally at the Regional Market. 

Manny Scott's Inspirational Story Touches Syracuse Schools

Feb 25, 2016
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Manny Scott—author, motivational speaker and pilot—speaks at the Syracuse City School District development center for teachers all over Syracuse. Scott says his journey from being a high school dropout with a broken home in the streets of Long Beach, California to earning two degrees and a PhD began with his teachers.

“I didn’t know how to study, I didn’t know how to comprehend what I was reading,” Scott said. “I didn’t have the basic disciplines of going to bed at night and getting up early. So I had to break so many bad habits.”

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The Syracuse City School District is launching a first of a kind project with a goal of bringing Foster Grandparents to every first and second grade classroom. No other city nationwide has attempted the feat.  

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History-Makers were sent to schools all over the country today to empower youth to keep them focused on their studies and to think about their futures.  Doctor Walter Broadnax, a Professor from the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University encouraged students to empower themselves to make positive change in the world at George Fowler High School.  Broadnax shared his own experiences as an African American youth in the U-S, dealing with bigotry and racism such as being attacked by a police officer for just smiling back at a white girl.  He also used to get into fights in school until he met a 19 year-old teacher at age 14.