Tax Delinquent Properties

Scott Willis / WAER News

Onondaga County is continuing its tough stance against businesses that aren’t paying their taxes.  County Executive Ryan McMahon is threatening criminal action and property seizures on several hotel properties. 

Scott Willis / WAER-FM 88.3

Syracuse city officials say they’re working to ensure a brighter future for the long vacant former Syracuse Developmental Center now that they’ve seized it for back taxes.  Police, Fire, and DPW crews are working to secure the sprawling site on South Wilbur Ave. to prevent additional arson, vandalism, and dumping. 

Chris Bolt/WAER News / WAER FM

Onondaga County's aggressive plan to go after back taxes is starting to pay off.  The county is going after the biggest tax cheats with lawsuits and property, and that's convinced some of the smaller properties that were well behind on tax bills to pay up. 

Scott Willis / WAER News

Onondaga County lawmakers have thrown their support behind a new strategy that could lead to the seizure of certain tax delinquent properties.  The county executive’s plan to create the County Accountability and Reinvestment Corporation is seen as another tool to go after commercial properties with the goal of future development. 

Chris Bolt/WAER news / WAER FM

Tax delinquent homes draw a lot of attention … but corporate properties currently owe Onondaga County more than $45 million dollars in back taxes, according to officials.  The county has a new strategy to go after the money – or the property.