Upstate New York

Unshackle Upstate

An Upstate New York business group is ready to make the case for more help for small businesses who are suffering from the pandemic’s economic impacts.  Unshackle Upstate this month named a new executive director.  Justin Wilcox says federal relief programs are helping many businesses … but New York State is not providing enough help to businesses.

“New York State really failed to understand the seriousness of this crisis for so many employers. That’s why I think it’s really important that policy makers try to really listen to the small business owners,” said Wilcox.

Restaurant and other tipped workers are facing increasing harassment and more threats to their incomes, according to a new study by a labor group.  They seek better conditions and a living wage for the group embattled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Restaurant and bar workers have already had to deal with layoffs, limited capacity for their customers, switching to take-out-only service.  Now a study shows they’re also seeing their tips plummet and sexual harassment at work spike. 

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Tensions are high in Britain’s Parliament, as political leaders try to hash out a deal on Brexit. But there’s another separatist movement brewing — right here in New York state.

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  Governor Cuomo was in town today to celebrate two local businesses’ plans to create and retain 450 jobs in Downtown Syracuse. The newly restored Hotel Syracuse was the backdrop for his remarks about the economic revitalization happening in Upstate New York State.

“Hotel Syracuse reborn, new advanced manufacturing high-tech companies locating in downtown Syracuse, who ten years ago would have been on the first plane to Austin, Texas or to South Carolina now locating here because they see the economic future.”