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Upstate University Hospital now has the ability to rapid test their employees and patients for COVID-19 in their labs. County Executive Ryan McMahon said at his Friday briefing that this testing service is not open to the public, but it’s an effective tool that helps the community overall. 

Coronavirus at a microbial level
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The Chief of Infectious Diseases at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse says it’s not the Coronavirus from China that Central New Yorkers should be most concerned about this season.  Dr. Stephen Thomas says there’s a good reason to wash your hands and suggests those who feel ill to stay away from others.

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An estimated 20 percent of adolescents in the US have mental health issues.  Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse is about to open it’s first-ever inpatient unit to help them.  The hospital already has a waiting list for the $3.8 million facility.

More Kidney Donors Needed at Upstate University Hospital

Apr 17, 2019

Around 300 people are on the wait list for a kidney at Syracuse’s Upstate University Hospital.  The problem?  Too few people are offering to donate.  One of those on the wait list actually works at the hospital. 

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The Director of Employee and Student Health SUNY Upstate Medical University wants Central New Yorker’s to stay ahead of the flu season by getting their shots early.  Dr.

Organ Donors and Recipients Celebrate at The Donate Life Event

Apr 25, 2018

Local organ donors and recipients are celebrating the lives -- and friendships -- they’ve created through the event of giving or receiving an organ donation.  Kidney recipient Michael Demaintenon joined his donor Jessica Green at Upstate University hospital today. Demaintenon says he didn’t initially want to go public about his failing kidneys. Then the function of his kidneys declined this past January, and he created a Facebook page in search of help.

Upstate University Hospital Launches Program to Help Visitors Quit Smoking

Apr 12, 2018
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Upstate University Hospital will be offering nicotine replacement therapy to visitors to help curb their smoking habits starting next Friday. The hospital prohibits smoking within 100 feet of its buildings.

Director of Employee Student Health at Upstate Jarrod Bagatell says they used to give people information about how to quit smoking, but one encounter changed that.

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We’ve heard of March Madness in college basketball.  But Friday could be called Match Madness for nearly 150 Upstate Medical University students who opened envelopes containing their residency assignments.  That’s where they will spend their first year of training as doctors. 

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The rise in flu cases in Onondaga County isn’t the only thing you can catch during this winter season, other viruses are also active.  Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Jennifer Nead says there are many strains and types of viruses this time of year.  The road to recovery can take awhile.

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The City of Syracuse continues an active role in joining together with community partners in the Governor’s effort to ‘End the Epidemic by 2020’ …ultimately ending the spread of HIV / AIDS.  The target goal of End the Epidemic is to reduce the number of new infections from the current roughly 3,000 a year in the state to 750 or lower.  Mayor Stephanie Miner’s task force is bringing together 20 healthcare and social service providers for those residents at risk.