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People in Onondaga County observed violating social distancing orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 might get a visit from law enforcement.  Sheriff Gene Conway says most might only get a warning, as was the case for about 50 calls that have come in over the past 24 hours. 

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Vera House is now also having to cancel its upcoming walk through Downtown Syracuse over coronavirus concerns but, the White Ribbon campaign will continue through social media and discussions.   The campaign’s Co-Chair James Branch says they’ve been selling bracelets.  He offers them when someone tells him they know of a person in an abusive relationship.

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Senator Chuck Schumer stopped at Vera House today to call on senate leadership to allow a vote on the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA.  The legislation expired eight months ago, and the House already passed a five-year extension.

Victims of child sexual abuse in New York have a window to bring charges against abusers starting today that had been closed due to statutes of limitations.  It can take years for a survivor to come forward.

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A couple of new measures just signed into law by Governor Cuomo hold promise for helping victims of domestic violence report a range of abuse.  One form of control by an abuser is financial schemes.

The sexual assault and human trafficking case of Jeffrey Epstein could help other victims of assaults get support or more information about taking legal actions in their cases.  Another victim came forward Wednesday to say she was lured to Epstein’s home and then raped. 

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A Central New York citizen, who comforted a crime victim as she was dying, is the driving force behind a measure to reform pretrial release.  The bill in Congress by John Katko, (R, NY-24) seeks to improve electronic monitoring and other measures which can fail to disastrous ends.  The murder of Lori Bresnahan is the catalyst for the reform.

What role might medical professionals in emergency rooms play in spotting the sometimes-hidden signs elder abuse and neglect?  A new strategy in an Emergency Room could help keep seniors safer at home. 

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A training program is providing observational skills to recognize and spot sexual and relationship violence in bars and restaurants in Armory Square.  The ‘Raise the Bar’ program from Vera House also aims to prevent or stop sexual harassment.

Largest Turnout Ever for Vera House’s 25th Annual White Ribbon Walk

Mar 29, 2019
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Organizers say the largest crowd ever turned out Friday for Vera House’s 25th Annual White Ribbon Campaign Walk to end domestic and sexual violence.  The route started in Clinton Square and ended at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown followed by a reception.  During the closing program, survivor Katy told the crowd the impact Vera House has had on her life.

“Now I know to use my voice as a weapon against domestic violence. My secret is not a secret anymore. I tell my story to the world in hope that I reach one person who might be afraid to leave.”