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WAER’s staff of reporters has been covering the election through the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight for racial justice, and the fiscal challenges on local and national levels--for months. We talk to our reporters on what they've heard throughout the election cycle and what they heard at the polls on Election Day.

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 Onondaga County’s Election Commissioners say they were thrilled to be caught off guard yesterday when droves of people turned up for a third day of early voting. Republican Election Commissioner Michelle Sardo jokes how this year’s turnout is already unlike any other.


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Voters in this year’s local elections don’t have to wait until Election Day to cast their ballots.  For the first time, early voting is an option in Onondaga County and throughout the state, after New York lawmakers passed it into law earlier this year. 

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With midterm elections less than two months away, local organizations are trying to get those in Syracuse who typically don’t vote to cast a ballot. September 25th is National Voter Registration day, and grassroots initiatives in Syracuse are leading efforts to increase voter turnout with the support of the Gifford Foundation.

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The local elections on Tuesday aren’t expected to generate much activity at the polls, so it’s probably no surprise the Green Party has a plan to change that.  They’re calling for "Inclusive Democracy" to increase turnout and civic engagement.  Mayoral candidate Howie Hawkins illustrates his point.

"Did you hear there's an election Tuesday?  A lot of people out here, as we knock on doors and make phone calls, they're like what?  We had a presidential election last year.  What's this year?"

Scott Willis / WAER News

Onondaga County’s Republican Elections Commissioner says she’d welcome many of the state attorney general’s proposals to improve voter access in New York.  This year’s presidential primary seemed to expose the shortcomings of the state’s restrictive voting laws.

Commissioner Helen Kiggins Walsh says most of the complaints to the board of elections in the weeks leading up to and on primary day were from voters who wanted to participate in the election…but couldn’t. 

Local elections are riding the tide of the presidential race and expecting increased voter turnout. But it’s not a surprise for Onondaga County election officials like Democratic Commissioner of Elections Dustin Czarny.

“Turnout for a presidential election in Onondaga County will run anywhere between 75 and 80-percent, whereas a local election like last year, turnout was around 25 to 30-percent. So, we’re talking about double, triple the amount of votes that are being cast and those do translate down-ballot as well.”