White Ribbon Campaign

John Smith / WAER News

Vera House is now also having to cancel its upcoming walk through Downtown Syracuse over coronavirus concerns but, the White Ribbon campaign will continue through social media and discussions.   The campaign’s Co-Chair James Branch says they’ve been selling bracelets.  He offers them when someone tells him they know of a person in an abusive relationship.

Largest Turnout Ever for Vera House’s 25th Annual White Ribbon Walk

Mar 29, 2019
Tamar Turner / WAER News

Organizers say the largest crowd ever turned out Friday for Vera House’s 25th Annual White Ribbon Campaign Walk to end domestic and sexual violence.  The route started in Clinton Square and ended at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown followed by a reception.  During the closing program, survivor Katy told the crowd the impact Vera House has had on her life.

“Now I know to use my voice as a weapon against domestic violence. My secret is not a secret anymore. I tell my story to the world in hope that I reach one person who might be afraid to leave.”

John Smith / WAER News

A Vera House Program is helping bartenders and servers in Syracuse to spot domestic violence and abuse with the ‘Raise the Bar’ program.  The program has been in existence for about a year now. 

Allegra Craver/WAER News

Hundreds of people took to Syracuse streets to stand – and march – against domestic violence.  This year’s White Ribbon Campaign awareness event took place against a backdrop of increasing attention on violence and sexual abuse against women.  Syracuse University students Gabrielle La Marco and Brooke Pohle were happy to see so many join in

“Something needs to be done and it makes me so proud that young people came out on this chilly morning, said LaMarco..

Sophia Morris/WAER News

More than a hundred supporters rallied and chanted together today in support of Vera House and its efforts to combat domestic and sexual violence. Survivors are telling their stories to illustrate the need for the annual White Ribbon Campaign.

Wanda Marshall found herself a victim of date rape… and faced the trials of domestic violence all on her own.

“When I became a Mary Kay consultant we work in support of Vera House by giving grants to them.  It’s just my way of giving back and helping other women know there is help out there and there is support that they can and will get through it.” 

Today Wanda is a survivor and was proudly dressed in white to support the campaign’s goal to create awareness to the community. 

Ben Miller, WAER News

As part of Vera House’s 21st annual White Ribbon Campaign, about 200 people tied white ribbons around poles in downtown Syracuse on Friday to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.