Destiny USA Celebrates LEED Gold Anniversary

Feb 27, 2014

Destiny USA marked its second full year of LEED Gold certification Thursday by recognizing 44 store owners for also being energy efficient. The award for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,” or LEED, is given to tenants that meet the sustainability requirements.  Puma took top honors for going LEED Platinum.

A poster shows which tenants at Destiny USA have taken steps to become LEED Certified
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Destiny Director of Operations, Brandon Munger says green technology is built into just about everything a shopper might see, from the amount and type of lighting in the space (Munger says there’s a focus on natural light, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs) to the type of plumbing fixtures and the types of paint and floor finish used in the décor. 

 Munger says Destiny is at the forefront of the sustainable and low-energy trend, and they’ve gotten good feedback from tenants so far:  

It’s a more minimalist approach that Destiny General Manager Rob Schoeneck says is setting a trend among retailers – even some with numerous locations across the country:  

Destiny recognized Best Buy with an award for recycling at Thursday's event, and also hinted at upcoming Earth Day events focused on composting and recycling.  Destiny was formally recognized as the largest LEED gold certified commercial building in the world in February of 2012.