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Onondaga County Saw Presidential Level Turnout for Mid-Terms

Nov 8, 2018
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Election Day set records across the country for high voter turnout on Tuesday, and Onondaga County was no exception. 

Midterm 2018 Results: House of Representatives, State Senate, and More

Nov 7, 2018
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The House of Representatives flipped from Republican to Democrat on Tuesday, and New York's 22nd Congressional District contributed to the shift in political power.

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Voters going to the polls in the state senate’s 50th district Tuesday have a decision to make, and John DeFrancisco isn’t one of them.  The retiring senator’s name is not on the ballot for the first time since 1992.  Instead, voters will choose either Onondaga County Comptroller Republican Bob Antonacci or Democrat John Mannion. Mannion is a high school science teacher making his first run for public office.  He sees a broken system that needs to be fixed.

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Onondaga County Controller Bob Antonacci says state government is likely to negate any savings that might result from merging local governments.  One of the public’s main criticisms of the Consensus Commission’s draft report is that it did not include any savings estimates.

Antonacci has officially entered the continuing debate about the pros and cons of consolidation with a column published by 

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An experimental public campaign finance system for the state Comptroller’s race has fizzled, after the lone candidate who applied for the program failed to meet the minimum threshold to obtain the public monies.

The pilot public campaign financing program, limited to just the state Comptroller’s race as part of a state budget deal.

It was widely condemned at the time by reform groups as fatally flawed. Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group called it “cynical”.

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Republican candidate for state controller Bob Antonacci of Onondaga County says being the guinea pig for the state’s public campaign finance program is proving to be a lot tougher than he thought.    The certified public accountant and current county controller stopped by Salina Town Hall Tuesday to meet with seniors, hoping to drum up financial and electoral support.  Antonacci says taxpayer financed campaigns are still foreign to most, and derided by others.

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  The republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor joined State Comptroller Candidate Bob Antonacci today in Syracuse to announce a way to get more votes in November – possibly from people who aren’t republicans.  They filed 62,000 petition signatures to create the “Stop Common Core” party and ballot line.  Antonacci has heard plenty of opposition to the school-standards policy while campaigning.

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The only statewide candidate who is participating in a pilot public campaign finance program says it’s been slow going, but Republican comptroller candidate and current Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci expects to collect enough individual donors to qualify for the state matching funds. 

Antonacci has to convince 2000 people to donate small amount of money to his campaign, by September 10th, and raise $200,000 from them, in order to qualify for a grant that will give him six times the amount of money that he raises by that date.

 “It has been tedious at times,” Antonacci admits. “It’s been a lot of work.” 

  Antonacci, who is who is currently the Onondaga County Comptroller,  plans to tour minor league baseball parks across the state in the next several days, as one way to meet voters, and more importantly, potential small money donors.  He won’t say how much he’s raised so far, though a required campaign filing on July 15th showed he had just over $30,000.  Antonacci says that if he doesn’t collect enough to qualify for the matching grants, it will be a “colossal failure”.