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Democrat Khalid Bey cites Time as City Lawmaker, Concern for Disadvantaged as Reasons He'd Get Things Done as Mayor

Khalid Bey for Mayor desk.jpg
Khalid Bey counting on record as a Common Councilor to win mayoral primary.

Both of the democrats running for their party’s nomination in Syracuse’s mayoral race are familiar with City Hall … both are current common councilors. Khalid Bey says his record shows he’s always tried to work for the residents.

“I know there are lawmakers who never wrote a single piece of legislation in the entire time I’ve been there. So, ideally you want people there who will perform. I’m a taxpayer, I’m a homeowner, I’ve got kids in the district. We have a stake; we have skin in the game. The human element gets lost a lot.”

Bey says that explains his votes against some measures, such as a police contract, a sidewalk maintenance program, and taxes that seniors on fixed incomes and others in poverty can’t afford. He hears a range of concerns to address as mayor, depending on which community his campaigning in.

“You go on the Northside, property crime is number one, Strathmore, certainly University neighborhood, Tipperary Hill. They’ve seen spikes in property crimes and the like. In my neighborhood, on this side of town, it’s definitely employment opportunities. People are asking for jobs. No matter where I go in the neighborhood, that’s number 1.”

He lists job creation as one of his top priorities. He suggests more community involvement for youth to cut down on a spike in youth crime, and a more localized police approach in neighborhoods through precincts. Bey says he’s always empowered people and wants them to make independent decisions.

“If your interests align with what I’m talking about, then vote for me. If it does not, you vote for the person who does. But I would love the opportunity to do some of the many things I’ve attempted to get the administration to do in the 10 years I’ve been on the council.”

Bey is running against Michael Greene in the Mayoral primary, which takes place June 22. Early voting going on now (details here).