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Onondaga County Legislature Passes GOP Drawn Redistricting Maps

Onondaga County Courthouse
Kenneth C. Zirkel
Wikimedia Commons
The Onondaga County Courthouse

The Onondaga County Legislature approved GOP proposed redistricting maps in a 9-8 vote Friday. Two Republicans, Ken Bush and Jim Rowley, voted with the six Democratic legislators. There was a motion to table the vote for 30 days by Minority Leader Linda Ervin, but it failed in another 9-8 vote.

Both parties proposed maps, which geographically differed in many areas. Democrats accused Republicans of voter disenfranchisement in communities like Syracuse and DeWitt. Meanwhile, Republicans said the democratic maps do not leave enough room for expanding communities like Camillus and Clay.

Democratic legislator Mary Kuhn is disappointed with how the process has unfolded, and says she expected more from the legislature.

“The last three plus weeks have been some of the worst experiences that I’ve had since being on the legislature. I went to every commission meeting; I went to every public hearing. I was sad not to see the commissioners do all of that, nor many of my colleagues,” said Kuhn.

Majority Leader Brian May said that the GOP drawn map is fair and complies with all laws, including the new state law signed by Governor Kathy Hochul.

“The county attorney believes that the lines have been drawn responsibly and legally. I’m following the recommendation of those who the charter gives those responsibilities, and our attorneys and I urge our collogues to do the same.”

The new map is set to go into effect in 2023.