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Bussiness Group Opens Buff City Soap Opens In DeWitt, Working Through Supply Chain Issues

Buff City Soap Ribbon Cutting 18 NOV 2021 J Smith.jpg
John Smith

Opening a new business in these times can be challenging but, Central New York Shoppers are always in search of something new. “Buff City Soap” opened its doors on Erie Boulevard in DeWitt on Thursday. The store is owned by Upstate BCS Vice President of Operations, Jordan Wilson says the products and the shopping experience there is truly unique.

"This is all plant-based which is super unique," Wilson said."There’s no harsh chemicals in anything.  And also the unique thing is, we don’t ship anything.  We make everything in-house and we package it in-house, as well. Everything you see in this store is made by Syracuse locals.”

Supply chains have been a real problem with the ongoing pandemic but, Wilson says they order in bulk for several stores and have it all shipped to the same location, and then, divide all of the supplies up between stores. Upstate BCS also owns CoreLife Eatery in North Syracuse and the top-ranked U.S. location which incidentally happens to be in DeWitt. They also just opened a new “Jersey Mike’s” franchise on 7th North Street in Liverpool. Despite all of the company’s success, Wilson admits getting restaurants supplies can prove to be challenging.

“We’re doing pretty good," Wilson said."You know, we’re finding that it’s hard for everybody, just like it’s going to be hard in the restaurant industry that we’re finding but, we’re working our way through it and we’re navigating to the best of our ability."

Wilson attributes the company’s success to great managers who are continuously adding employees to keep staffing levels high and that allows operations to run smoothly.