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Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital Awarded $50,000 Grant

Upstate Golisano’s division chief of hematology and oncology has been awarded a $50,000 infrastructure grant. Dr. Melanie Comito will use the grant to expand access to clinical trials for children through staffing and expanding availability for participation.

“To be able to offer clinical trials for children with cancers is one of the most important things we can do at our center,” Comito said. “As a smaller center, we still see a variety of types of cancer, so we have to be prepared by having as many trials open as possible.”

Upstate is one of 24 institutions receiving the grants, which total to $1.1 million. Although the hospital is a smaller one, it serves 17 central and upstate New York counties, and offers clinical trials to many children and young adults in the area.

The grant was provided by the St. Baldrick Foundation, which is a volunteer-driven charity which helps fund childhood cancer research worldwide.