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Syracuse Museums Offer Holiday Activities For Whole Family

Kids are enjoying activities with their parents at Everson Museum of Art.
Julie K.Herman/Everson Museum of Art

Local museums in Downtown Syracuse have plenty to see and do over the holidays. The Museum of Science and Technology in Armory Square is hosting showings of the Polar Express and other activity stations that allow kids and parents to distance. Executive Director Lauren Kochian says they constantly offer different activities to keep things interesting.

All of those activities are related to the book or to the film. So lots of fun things going on this time of year here,” Kochian said.

Even before the State’s mask mandate, Kochian says masks were already required since not all children are eligible to get a vaccinated. The museum is also bringing out the “MOST Classics”... exhibits from the old Discovery Center 40 years ago.

Kids love them—the plasma ball, the Giant Magnet, the Jacob's Ladder. There's things like that, that they're old, but they're new, and they'll be out until the end of the year too,” she said.

Three kids are looking at the screen at Milton J. Rubenstein Museum.
Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology

Over at the Everson Museum, Spokesperson Kristin Sheehan says the museum is on the final run of it’s current exhibit.

It'll be the last chance to see AbStranded [Fiber and Abstraction in Contemporary Art] which has been an incredibly popular exhibition and that'll be closing down after this weekend,” said Sheehan.

The Everson is closed Friday and Saturday but re-opens Sunday. The museum was just awarded an $800,000 grant to transform it’s outdoor community plaza into a destination including a sculpture park. The MOST also received a State grant to build a new digital Cinedome that will open toward the end of February.

Corrected: December 22, 2021 at 10:29 AM EST
In a previous version of this story, the 'AbStranded' was referred to as 'up stranded.' Copy has since been corrected.
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