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SCSD School participates in Women’s History Month

Malia on Left Justyce-Joy on Right
Matt Wrigley
(L - R): Huntington Students Malia Adams and Justyce-Joy Doyle

The Huntington School in the Syracuse City School District placed 7th in the state-wide Women’s Empowerment Draft this week as part of Women’s History Month. The draft's sport-like ceremony gets students excited to learn about the women’s empowerment icons their schools are named after. Arria Huntington bears the namesake of the city school. Art Teacher Terry Cameron said the draft is helping young women to realize how much they can accomplish in life.  

“I think it just helps empower young women to know that we can do great things. Men can do great things, women can do great things,” Cameron said.

 The Women’s Empowerment Draft also allows students to learn more about the other prominent female figures who have schools' named after them.  Fifth-grader Justyce-Joy Doyle said that after learning more about Arria Huntington’s impact, it brought her to life every time she walked into the building.  

“I had to know what Arria did to have a school named after her.  So, I looked her up on the internet and I saw that she founded Syracuse Memorial Hospital, which is now Crouse, because they merged,” Doyle said.

As student Malia Adams explained, Huntington was the first woman in Syracuse to hold a public office and served as City School Commissioner.

“The nomination caused a commotion because of her gender,” Adams said. “She was also concerned for disadvantaged women and founded the shelter for homeless women and girls.”

Students share the history through daily social media posts with photos, artwork, and videos. Students are currently in the process of creating a mural of Huntington to hang in the school. The most creative entry will win five hundred dollars in art supplies. March 8th is International Women’s Day.  

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