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Drive gathers medical supplies for Ukraine

Ukrainian Medical Association of Syracuse
Ukrainian Medical Association of Syracuse

A local doctor said he is feeling overwhelmed by thestrong support Central New Yorkers are showing for Ukraine with donations of medical supplies for injured people and soldiers. Borys Buniak is the president of the Ukrainian Medical Association of Syracuse. He said volunteers have been collecting topical antibiotics, alcohol pads and anything that would aid in the healing process of physical wounds.

“Everybody wants to do something because we’re just frustrated that here were are watching our country being destroyed senselessly and we can’t do much about it.  But, all we can do really provide is maybe some medical care, medical supplies and some donations,” Buniak said.

At the request of California surgeons who visited Ukraine to help, Buniak said local schools and charitable organizations have been assembling the donations into first aid kits. Monetary donations are also being spent very quickly by Ukrainian support organizations to purchase other necessary aid supplies.

“We actually are sending some of the Western Ukrainian Hospitals which are still standing.  They are also in need of significant amount of medical supplies and medications.  Obviously, antibiotics are also hard to come by.  So, we are actually calling pharmaceutical companies also to try to supply some antibiotics so we can give some of these people who are shot or wounded some form of medical care so that they don’t develop sepsis from their wounds,” Buniak said.   

Buniak said they are working closely with several organizations including the Ukrainian Congress Committee of North America.

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