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Syracuse is a strong candidate for federal gun intervention funds

Schumer gun violence intervention
Scott Willis
Schumer gun violence intervention

Syracuse could be in line to receive a share of $50 million in federal funding to address its persistent gun violence problem. Senator Chuck Schumer stopped at the Southwest Community Center to announce the justice department’s first of its kind Community Violence Intervention program included in the upcoming federal budget. The senate majority leader said community-led solutions are essential to preventing young people from turning to guns and crime. That’s why he’s calling for five times more, for a total of 250 million.

“It's evidence based. It actually reduces violence. The programs focus on deterrence and street outreach. They go to young people before they start committing violence and say there’s a better way and they look at it holistically. They look at community activities, they look at nutrition, and they look at mental health. if we catch those kiddos before they can get the guns, we can make a change. “

That’s Lateef Johnson Kinsey, the city’s first director of the office to reduce gun violence.

“So, intervention starts not just with communities cause when we think of community is a wide scope. But it starts with family intervention is a targeted approach to areas that need help, to children that need help if they find themselves engaged in that community and in that lifestyle, what are their alternatives. What this will provide is that alternative you can’t ask the young person to put the gun down if you’re not offering them something else in return.’

Deputy Syracuse Mayor Sharon Owens said the federal funding will help long-running intervention programs such as SNUG. She said community members are on the streets at all hours of the day and night trying to keep kids away from guns.