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Onondaga County senior landowners can expect a $200 stimulus check

An Onondaga County Legislature meeting in session.
Scott Willis
Onondaga County Legislators at their June session, with Tim Burtis in front.

More than 27,000 Onondaga County seniors can expect to receive a $200 stimulus check in the mail. The payments approved by lawmakers on Tuesday are aimed only at senior homeowners, but the legislature hopes to expand relief efforts.

This group is being targeted because they are taxpayers whose finances have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and rising inflation. Property owners over 65 years old with an income of $92,000 or less are eligible to receive the checks as a sort of reimbursement for unused tax dollars they've paid.

Although legislators voted unanimously to approve the payments, some worried the checks aren’t enough and leave some seniors without help. Legislator Tim Burtis disagreed.

“We have extra funds and we’re simply returning the money. It’s not like, right now, we’re spreading it over a large base, we’re just returning it to this group of seniors,” Burtis said.

But more checks may be on the way. Burtis said they’re working on identifying specific groups to reimburse.

“Other programs are being talked about. One that I’ve heard about is something for the veterans,” Burtis said.

Eligible residents can expect to receive their checks around the end of this year.