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CNY farm working through abnormally dry conditions in Onondaga County

Reeves Farms
Reeves Farms
A farm plow in a field at Reeves Farms.

Intense heat and little rain are a big burden for local farmers. As parts of Onondaga County is are experiencing abnormally dry conditions, a local family-owned farm is ramping up irrigation. The operations manager at Reeves Farms, Nolan Reeves, said it's become costly.

"A lack of rain means I work harder and I spend more money on fuel," Reeves said.

The farm has drip irrigation that allows them to use less water. This is only possible if there is rain to fill the farm's water sources. Reeves said their farm has been one of the lucky ones.

"We've been fortunate with just with the thunderstorms and where they've hit us that we've been okay," Reeves said.

The thunderstorms can be unpredictable and do not always hit the farms when needed, Reeves said.

"Because I remember in 2016, was I don't think it was a drought watch, but all those thunderstorms, they all missed me and that was like, I was running out of water then and I was getting real nervous," Reeves said.

Onondaga County residents are being urged to limit their water usage.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has provided tips to prevent a severe water shortage.

Department of Environmental Conservation
The current map of New York State drought conditions.