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How to get a gift card for disposing of your mercury thermostats

A hand holds a round mercury thermostat.
Kristen Lawton
An example of a mercury thermostat that would be accepted at OCRRA and Covanta’s Mercury thermostat and thermometer drop-off event.

Onondaga County residents can bring old mercury thermostats and thermometers to Miller Environmental Group this Saturday to receive a $10 Lowe’s gift card for contributing to the prevention of hazardous pollution.

This special drop-off event will be at the group’s office at 532 State Fair Blvd. from 8 to 11 a.m.

The event is sponsored by OCRRA, a leader in sustainable materials management, and Covanta, a waste-to-energy facility. The purpose of the event is to keep harmful mercury objects from the waste stream and protect our environment.

Residents must complete an online registration form and show a hard copy or electronic version at the event. The only items accepted will be from Onondaga County residents. Besides a gift card, Covanta will also provide a replacement digital thermometer to residents who bring in mercury thermometers.

Attendees do not exit their vehicles but will interact with staff at their car window to exchange thermostats and thermometers.