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NY Consumer Protection introduces holiday alerts for responsible shopping

A woman looks at a blue and red jersey lying on a table that says two for $50.
Chenelle Terry
A woman shops sale items inside a store.

The New York Division of Consumer Protection is reminding holiday shoppers, as part of its five-part consumer holiday alerts, to get acquainted with the terms of return and refund policies at businesses before making a purchase.

When giving and receiving gifts, people often change their minds. The National Retail Federation shows holiday returns in 2021 increased to 16.6%, which was 10.6% the year prior, and they're expecting increased holiday returns this year.

Retailers in New York must conspicuously post their return and refund policies, so consumers can make an educated purchase before buying.

The Division of Consumer Protection also suggests keeping receipts and asking if gift receipts are an option. However, the state doesn't require retailers to accept returns, but they must display a visible notice to shoppers that returns aren't accepted before their purchase.

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