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Another truck strikes the Onondaga Lake Parkway bridge

View of train bridge that hangs over a road
New York State Department of Transportation
The low-clearnace bridge crosses over the Onondaga Lake Parkway.

A tractor trailer struck the Onondaga Lake Parkway bridge Monday afternoon, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office said. The trailer was going westbound on the parkway.

The driver, Lincoln Deloach of Mississippi, was uninjured, but ticketed for disobeying traffic control devices and unreasonable speed.

County Executive Ryan McMahon on Twitter said he was glad no one was hurt, but reaffirmed that the bridge is not county property.

The bridge is notorious for being hit by vehicles too tall for the low-level bridge. The Department of Transportation reports roughly one to three collisions per year, with the most recent one occurring on Feb. 8, according to

The newspaper also reported CSX, the railroad company that owns the bridge, has no plans to remove the bridge, but has said it would make upgrades if the state covered the costs.