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Onondaga County will release its first comprehensive plan in 30 years

A man stands at a podium in front of brick wall. There are two flags in the frame, one on either side of the man at the podium.
John Smith
County Executive Ryan McMahon delivers a community update at a podium. August 31, 2022.

For the first time in over three decades, Onondaga County will have a new comprehensive plan. County Executive Ryan McMahon first mentioned it in his State of the County address earlier this month.

Next week the office of the County Executive will release "Plan Onondaga," a new county plan. McMahon said there's no better time to release it than now.

"Your plan is your roadmap to the future and really a blueprint for investment in neighborhoods. And certainly the timing couldn't be better for our comprehensive plan to be complete and implemented as that roadmap moving forward," McMahon said.

McMahon said the plan will inform decisions from a public policy standpoint. He added that there will be input from stakeholders in the business community, neighborhoods, and other government partners.

"When you look at our plan, we're really focused in on center driven development. We're really looking in on bringing up the existing housing stock to the 21st century in some neighborhoods. We're focused in on what mobility in our community looks like moving forward," McMahon said.

Once the plan is released, it will be sent to the legislature for adoption in late April.