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CNY ski resorts make their own snow to stay open

The ski trails at Song Mountain from earlier this season.
Song Mountain
The ski trails at Song Mountain from earlier this season.

Two Central New York ski resorts had a very challenging winter with wild temperature swings. Surprisingly, even with temperatures trending up, Song Mountain and Labrador have managed to stay open, albeit with fewer trails. Owner Peter Harris gives big credit to his staff and equipment.

“Yes, we are still open. It has been kind of a snowless winter, but, it just goes to show how good our snow makers are. So we made a lot of snow through the winter and we're still going strong. Not sure how long we'll be going strong, but it looks like we'll at least get through this weekend.”

Harris says the other positives are the location of the mountains and how generous old man winter is.

“Top of Song Mountain is about 2,000 feet above sea level and you know, downtown Syracuse a lot less than that. So, we run up to 10 to 15 degrees colder than in the city. So, that helps us. We typically get quite a bit of lake effect snow. Some of that’s been north of the city this year but, we have had our share.”

Harris says he may choose to reopen Labrador this weekend, if possible.

“Similar to each season, we tend to consolidate the late season business to one. So, we’re primarily here at Song and that’s primarily because song faces due north. So, it holds its snow better than anybody around.”

Song hosted 11 schools Wednesday night. Today is their 72nd day of operation for the season since they opened in December. Information can be found on their website. We reached out to Greek Peak but, did not hear back.