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Vera House Wraps Up White Ribbon Campaign, Continues Outreach During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

 Vera House's White Ribbon Campaign against Domestic, Sexual and Relationship Violence just wrapped up, but their outreach efforts continue in April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.    Special Events Coordinator Hannah  Fuller says there was a dip in donations last month, but that doesn't mean the organization has slowed down its work.  She says fewer large-scale events and campaigns through businesses and schools were possible due to the pandemic. 

"A lot of our thinking throughout the campaign is 'how can we reach people when we can't get together the way we have before.'  Everything was geared toward how can we get this information to people when we are presented with that availability to actually be in community in space together."

Credit Vera House


The theme of this year’s White Ribbon Campaign was “No Excuse for Abuse.”  Fuller says people stuck at home due to economic shutdowns or working at home might have had a hard time seeking help.  She adds that could increase stress and the chances for violence or other unsafe outbursts.  Fuller wants people to know Vera House added virtual meeting, text services and other ways to connect with those who needed services. 

"I definitely want anyone out there listening to know we are still here, we are still doing the work.  If you are in a situation where you need our help, we will absolutely find a way to make it work for you and be helpful to you in a way that is also COVID safe."

In addition to the wrist bands and pins to raise awareness, this year’s event included lawn signs to spread the word on how people could reach out for help.  While the official White Ribbon Campaign is over, fundraising continues through the end of the month with some of the items still for sale.  Information about donating or domestic and relationship violence can be foundhere or by calling (315) 468-3260.