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Mother's Day Cancer screening reminder


A Mother’s Day meal at some local restaurants might also serve as a reminder for Moms to take care of their health. 

Onondaga County diners who eat out are used to seeing placemats with advertisements. However, this Mother’s Day some will read about the availability of free Cancer screenings. 17 local restaurants and area diners are on board to distribute the placemats including Dinosaur Barbeque, Dominick’s and Ruston’s Diner in Jamesville. Public Health Educator Emily Young explains they’re designed to be eye catching.

"So all of those locations will be using a retro inspired women's health themed placemat for all of their patrons on Mother's Day. The placemat has information on how to contact the program for free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings".

The program was first launched in 2011. Young explains they decided to expand it because the need still exists.

"We do have statistics showing that women who do not have health insurance and men are more likely to delay getting cancer screenings done or they're not getting them at all. So we really want uninsured women and men to know that there are some free screenings out there available to them".

Young adds that’s why they want both uninsured women and men to know there are options for free screenings. The Onondaga County Cancer Services Program may be reached by calling 435-36-53 or online at


  • Gardenview Diner
  • Kim's Cicero Diner
  • Market Diner
  • Mimi's Diner
  • New York Style Diner
  • Ruston's Diner
  • Solvay Diner
  • Thee Diner
  • The Gem Diner
  • All My Eggplant
  • Dinosaur Barbeque
  • Dominick's
  • Euclid Family Restaurant
  • Ma Ma Nancy's
  • Mother's Cupboard
  • Nestico's in Camillus