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State PSC: Residents Need to 'Make The Call' on a New Area Code

State Telecommunications Association

A federal phone number monitoring agency says the 315 area code will run out of useable "new" numbers by the beginning of 2015.  To combat this, the State Public Service Commission is calling on people living within the area code to express opinions on how to proceed. 

There are two possible solutions the commission is exploring.  One involves overlaying a new area code over the existing one so that all new numbers have a new three-digit code.  The other option is splitting the 315 area into two regions with one getting a new area code. Spokesman Jim Denn says this is not the first area code to have such a problem.

"The creation of a new area code is certainly not new.  With the advent of so many cell phones and internet connections and fax machines across the United States, there has been an incredible demand for new telephone numbers."

Residents interested in offering their opinions on the proposals can attend a public meeting at 3 P.M. and 7 P.M. on Wednesday at the State Office Building in Syracuse.  There will also be educational forums held one-hour beforehand.  Those who can’t attend the meeting can call a toll free opinion line at 1-800-335-2120.

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