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Exorbitant gas prices aren't derailing travel plans for America's birthday, AAA says

 A sign on the New York State thruway.
A sign on the New York State thruway.

Most Central New Yorkers will be heading off on road trips in New York or out of state this holiday weekend. AAA Travel predicts it’s going to be yet another record-breaking year.

Travel costs are sizzling right along with the summer temperatures but, AAA Spokesperson Elizabeth Carey says said nearly 48 million people planning to travel for the Fourth, the top choice of transportation to get there will hit a new, all-time record.

"The biggest surprise is 42 million of them are traveling by car despite the high gas prices that we're paying right now," Carey said.

That’s a whopping 88 percent of all travelers for the holiday weekend on the roads across the United States. Carey says the past 2 years of having to stay at home is driving the demand.

"People are just dealing with the pump prices and looking to go places. Some are saying, 'you know I can't go as far as I wanted to, it's too expensive, I'm gonna go a little closer to home.' Those people are looking at places like the Finger Lakes, the Adirondacks, or even the Niagara region," Carey said.

But the top travel destination is Orlando, followed by Seattle, New York City, and Anaheim, California. Cary said passengers should brace for flight delays, which have become the norm.

"Pack your patience whether you're traveling by air or by car. If you're traveling by air, make sure that the airline has your contact information and sign up for your airline's app, and that way you're gonna get delays and notifications sent to you right away for any cancellations," Carey said.

You’ll also want to avoid peak travel times, she said.

AAA suggests drivers receive a complete vehicle inspection to make sure everything is in shape for a long trip. Still, the company estimates it’ll receive more than 446,000 roadside assistance calls over the holiday weekend.