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More than 100 Join Protest Decrying War Against Iran; Clinton Square Event One of Dozens Nationwide

Chris Bolt/WAER News

A crowd of one hundred-plus endured near-freezing rain to protest a possible war with Iran.  The Saturday demonstration joined others in dozens of cities around the nation after President Trump ordered the killing of an Iranian General. 

Fears of escalation of an all-out war with Iran worry Syracuse Peace Councilorganizer Ursula Rozum.

“I was thinking back on the 18 years of war in the Middle East that have been going on in my lifetime and I was imagining that war with Iran is only going to be worse when it comes to casualties.”  

Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News
A variety of local peace and other civic groups joined the protest.

Another speaker at the rally was an Iranian-American with both parents immigrating here from the country.  Maysam was protesting years of U-S policy, which he says hurt the Iranian people while keeping the rulers in power.

“The economic sanctions against Iran have only taken a toll on the people, starving them of resources, money, food and medical necessities.  The sanctions do not impact the government whatsoever.  And once again by weakening the people, the US has tightened the Iranian governments power over its own people.”

Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

Another Iranian-American speaker tearfully worried that a war could have her lose relatives on both sides.  The Reverend Beth DuBois spoke on behalf of the CNY Poor People’s Campaign, saying the cost of war hurts other needs in the U-S and elsewhere.

“This particular piece of aggression is a perfect storm, because what will happen?  The money we use for the military and military expansion will take money away from … things like health care for all, housing for all, all the programs that could potentially reduce poverty.” 

The rally in Clinton Square drew members of CNY Veterans for Peace, the Geneva Women’s Assembly, CNY Solidarity and other groups.  They are all concerned more war in the Middle-East would have devastating human and other costs. 

Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

Chris Bolt, Ed.D. has proudly been covering the Central New York community and mentoring students for more than 30 years. His career in public media started as a student volunteer, then as a reporter/producer. He has been the news director for WAER since 1995. Dedicated to keeping local news coverage alive, Chris also has a passion for education, having trained, mentored and provided a platform for growth to more than a thousand students. Career highlights include having work appear on NPR, CBS, ABC and other news networks, winning numerous local and state journalism awards.