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IVMF Discussion at SU: Women Veterans Disproportionately Impacted by COVID-19

list Stephen Sartori, Syracuse University

The Founder of SU’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families says women have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Vice Chancellor Mike Haynie says data shows that service requests have now shifted to cover the basic necessities of daily living.

“When we look at data from our community connected programs, our America Serves Programs, we see woman veterans… the service requests, the needs that they’re asking to be addressed have really transitioned during COVID to food, emergency financial assistance, housing assistance… much more so than other categories of veterans.”

The recent discussion was held between Haynie and a Former National Commander of the American Legion.  Fang Wong says many military women are also single mothers, often fighting off homelessness.

“We ask that the VA, if at all possible to set-up daycare facilities, so when the female veterans come in for service for appointment, they will have a piece of mind when they are getting taken care of by the doctor, knowing their children are being taken care of… within the same facility.”

Credit list Stephen Sartori, Syracuse University
IVMF Founder and Vice Chancellor Mike Haynie and the Institute were presented with the prestigious American Legion Patriot Award.

Wong adds many women in the military are often victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault.  He says they also need access to and fast results from annual female related tests such as mammograms.  For assistance veterans can click here to find out more about the IVMF American Serves Program.  Clearpath for Veterans is also providing veterans with emergency food assistance, mental health triage, career services and virtual social engagement opportunities. There are also several other programs and services available by calling 315-687-3300.  To make a donation to the Clear Path for Veterans Task Force, visit their website: click here or give them a call. 

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