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The Mayor's $800K Idea To Get More Syracuse Workers In Tech, Construction

City of Syracuse
via Twitter

As labor shortages are hitting Syracuse like many other cities across the U.S., a new $800,000 proposal from the mayor aims to better train people for open jobs.

The program will tackle employment issues in the tech and construction fields. Mayor Ben Walsh is calling for $824,000 from American Rescue Plan Act dollars to fund the initiative, according to a news release from his office. The program would be administered by the nonprofit CenterState CEO.

Dominic Robinson, CenterState’s vice president of economic inclusion, said part of the plan is to better match the large volume of jobseekers with employers.

"It's not as simple as posting a job and thinking people are going to be able to show up and get it," Robinson said. "You have to help people understand how their skills align with a potential job, and also give them the skills and wherewithal to access those opportunities."

The other goal is to welcome more diversity in the industries, he said.

"We're focusing on construction and tech, two industries that are predominantly male, that are predominantly Caucasian in their demographics. We're helping these employers tap into new communities so they can deepen their talent pipeline," Robinson said.

Walsh said in a statement the move would help get more people in critical industries ahead of the major Interstate-81 renovation project. The common council will vote on the mayor’s plan non Monday.