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SU Football Fans Can Expect Reminders, Enforcement Of University Mask Policy At Dome

dome mask.jpg
Scott Willis
Signs like this and electronic signs near some of the gates (in distance) will remind fans that masks are required in the dome, as they are in all campus buildings. By the way, the mask status is Red.

Those attending Saturday’s football game at the Dome or 2020 Commencement on Sunday can expect to see and hear more reminders about wearing masks, regardless of vaccination status. SU Chief Facilities Officer Pete Sala says it'll be hard to avoid.

"Basically, we've put up signs at every entry point to the bowl, all the vomitories, anywhere you walk in the stadium, you'll see signs that ask people to please wear a mask at all times."

There will be other reminders on large electronic signs outside the dome, over the PA system inside, and from ushers with so-called lollipop signs. The increased messaging comes after some fans complained about other fans and students not wearing masks at last week’s game. Sala says they don’t want ushers to become the “mask police.”

"I don't want them to be in a situation where they're in a heated confrontation with a patron. The bottom line is we want people there. How do we gracefully work with the staff and fans to say, guys, can we just come together for 3 or 4 hours and comply with what we're asking people to do. It's a very fine line."

Sarah Scalese is SU senior associate vice president for communications.

"One of the things we all know as community members is how hard it is to enforce policies that aren't necessarily mandated externally. So, you go to Wegmans, you go to restaurants, and people aren't masked. It's not a county mandate, it's not a state mandate. Then you come to our campus for a football game, and suddenly it is a mandate. It's a back and forth kind of thing where we have to keep reminding folks about the policy on campus."

Scalese says it’s up to everyone to take personal ownership and keep others safe so fans can be invited back to the dome. So far, no one has been asked to leave for refusing to wear a mask, and officials hope it doesn’t come to that. Those who feel uncomfortable near unmasked fans can ask to move to another seat.

dome mask2.jpg
Scott Willis
More signs remind those on campus about masking near the Dome's COVID pre-screening tent.