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GOP primary candidates for governor Astorino and Giuliani make stops in Syracuse

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Scott Willis
Andrew Giuliani made a campaign stop in front of the state fairgrounds Wednesday while Rob Astorino stopped in front of Syracuse City Hall.

Two of the four GOP primary candidates for governor made stops in Syracuse Wednesday as they blazed campaign trails across the state. Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino stopped in front of Syracuse city hall to roll out a list of 15 pledges he says he’ll keep if elected. He says he has the experience to make it happen.

"I'm the only one running for governor on the Republican side that's actually had to run a government and I did...a very large complex government like Westchester of a million people. And by the way, a deep blue county that Trump lost by 37 points. And I was a staunch conservative and I still won because we got the crossover votes because people wanted sanity. They wanted balance, they wanted affordability. And I brought that back to them. So that's exactly what we're facing here in New York."

Some of his promises include ending all COVID mandates, reducing taxes, spending, and regulations, repealing the No Cash Bail law, and banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory and gender ideology in public schools.

"It's teaching kids to hate each other and you know, separating people by class and, and, and gender and race. You're a victim, you're not. It's your fault, your family's fault. This stuff has to end. I mean, we are one country with stains, but we're overcoming that."

Many of his priorities mirror those of his opponents, including Andrew Giuliani. At a stop in front of the state fairground, he says C-R-T is dividing classrooms and communities, and that students need to learn a full history of America.

"That means the good, it also means the bad, but it means the incredible as well. And I think there's a lot more that we need to be championing about America and how much freedom we've actually been able to create in this country and around the world and not focus on the issues that divide us. Of course, we need to learn from our mistakes of the past."

Both Giuliani and Astorino say they’ve heard from parents expressing concern about what’s being taught regarding racism, slavery, and even gender identity in their child’s schools. Here’s Giuliani:

"I'm a big believer in the fact that we shouldn't be ashamed to admit that there are two genders," Giuliani said. "When I think about the fact that I've been hearing from the same people that have told me to follow the political science with regards to the vaccine, or with regards to the mask, that now will say that there are more than two genders. I think it shows a real lack, lack of credibility with regards to what kind of science they will actually follow."

Also on the GOP primary ticket for governor are Harry Wilson and party designee Lee Zeldin. On the democratic side, Tom Suozzi and Jumaane Williams are trying to unseat incumbent Kathy Hochul.

Early voting is underway in Onondaga County through Sunday at eight sites. Primary election day is Tuesday at your regular polling place. More information can be found here.

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Harry Wilson and Lee Zeldin are the other two republicans seeking the GOP nomination for Governor. Wilsion stopped in Syracuse this spring; Zeldin held a Zoom conference in February.