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Hundreds of Central New Yorkers Receive Their "Golden Ticket" to See the President Speak

Chenelle Terry, WAER News

Hundreds of Central New Yorkers stood in line outside Sunnycrest Ice Rink for a ticket to see President Obama speak at Henninger High School this Thursday.  Their excitement filled the air. 

After camping out and patiently waiting, they finally received their pass to see the president speak in person. As the first person in line, Rosario Anamaria says the ticket is well worth her seventeen hour wait.

“This is so exciting. I can’t believe that it’s actually happening. Oh my God I’m gonna pinch myself. So worth it," said Anamaria. "Oh gosh, I have all this burst of energy. I know I’m gonna crash later on but right now I’m so excited.”

For many residents like Lynn Basile, this rare occasion is an opportunity of a lifetime.

“It is just so amazing. It’s a dream come true. For my son and I to share this special moment together and for me to be able to do this with him. I mean I’m 46 years old myself and I’ve never been in the presence of a president of the United States. I have no words for it. We’re very excited,” Basile said.

President Obama will talk about education and college affordability for the middle class. Parent Bruce Collier, says he’d like to hear about  “No Child Left Behind.”

“To me it seems like every child in America has been left behind. Hopefully we can get the education system back to where it needs to be and push our kids towards the future so that’s what I’m hoping for,” Collier said.

All tickets have officially been distributed for the event. Doors at Henninger High School will open for ticketed guests Thursday at 3 p.m.