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CNY Group Vows to Overturn High Court Ruling Granting "Corporate Personhood."

Scott Willis

Central New Yorkers opposed to the U-S Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision marked the 4th anniversary of the ruling Tuesday by vowing to overturn it.  Supporters of the group Move to Amend want a constitutional amendment that would reverse what they say is corporations growing financial and corrupting influence on elections.  
 Group co-chair Michael Messina-Yauchzy  says we need to remember the first words of the constitution. 
Messina-Yauchzy says momentum is growing in their favor…16 municipalities across the state have passed resolutions calling for an amendment, and 16 other states have done the same.  Others say the so-called “corporate personhood” is also being used to overrule local government’s ability to restrict hydrofracking.  Emily Bishop with New Yorkers Against Fracking holds up Dryden in Tompkins County as an example.

Emily Bishop says the Supreme Court's ruling affects decision making on a local level.

Supporters of giving people more power to make decisions have reached out to Senators Dave Valesky and John DeFrancisco on the matter.  They’ve gathered more than 1,000 signatures which they’ll present to the Syracuse Common Council and Onondaga County Legislature calling on the state to pass a resolution that in turn, calls on Congress to enact an amendment.   More information is at