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Report from Attorney General Schneiderman Finds Most Illegal Guns Come from Other States

State Attorney General's Office

A State Attorney General report released today shows that 74 percent of crime guns seized by authorities from 2010 to 2015 originated from other states. “Target on Trafficking” traces where nearly 53,000 guns came from.  Syracuse is one of seven markets where 90 percent of the guns were found.  Eric Schneiderman says out of 86 percent of illegal hand guns used by violent criminals… nearly nine out of every ten come from other states. 

Our new tracking analytic platform which, we’re making available online today, empowers New Yorkers understand exactly the nature of the gun problem their own community is facing,” Schneiderman says. “You can see if your community has a bigger problem with hand guns or rifles. You can see how likely that a gun recovered in your city or town was trafficked from out of state. You can even see which state is supplying prime guns to your city. And there are substantial variations.”

In 2014, Syracuse Police recovered nearly 300 illegal guns involved in crimes.  Schneiderman adds the fact that fewer than ten percent of all crime guns used in New York City are actually purchased in the city demonstrates that permitting rules work.  He’s calling on the Federal Government to require universal background checks for gun sales and to make gun trafficking illegal.

Credit State Attorney General Office
State Attorney General's Office

“Other federal statures sometimes used to prosecute traffickers there is no comprehensive law that criminalizes each stage of illegal gun trafficking,” Scheniderman said. “We have to fix that. Our own senator Kirsten Gillibrand is sponsoring a bill to do that and Congress should pass this legislation immediately.”

In the report, more than 60 percent of crime guns found in Syracuse were purchased illegally from out of state. The AG also is calling on the federal government to amend rules on gun tracking data so that policymakers would be able to review trafficking data.  He also believes that all states should require handgun owners to apply for permits.  To view the report, visit the target trafficking website. 

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