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Before the 24th Congressional District Primary, Candidates Try To Appeal To Voters


We’re just a few days away from the Democratic primary in the 24th Congressional District and candidates will be knocking on doors and making appearances. 

The designated Democratic candidate Dana Balter says Syracuse does not have enough well-paying jobs and wants more investments to fuel a green economy.

"We will be launching be launching long term economic growth for the region with good paying jobs for people of all education levels," said Balter. "We also need to work for an increased minimum wage. We need to fight for $15 minimum wage indexed to inflation at the national level. Again, nobody who works full time should be living in poverty."

Healthcare is another issue that Balter hears from voters about.  She feels Congressman John Katko undermined the Affordable Care Act.

"His vote on the tax bill gutted the ACA," said Balter. "As a result, as a direct result of that vote, we are now seeing premiums skyrocket across the country. Here in New York State, it’s double digit premium increases."

The other Democratic candidate for the 24th Congressional district race is Juanita Perez Williams. She agrees with Balter about that and says the Katko’s tax bill vote had major consequences.

"It cut the legs out of the Affordable Care Act and did away with the individual mandate," said Perez-Williams. "Now premiums are rising. We know prescription drug costs are rising. People are anxious. What does the future hold for us in regards to healthcare."

Williams says her story resonates with people in Central New York. She feels because of that, she knows what issues concern them.

"I’m telling people that I’m a fighter that I have been working in this community and many of them know that for almost three decades focusing on issues that impact working families," said Perez-Williams. "I have my own family I have grown children who I’m concerned about college debts. I’m concerned about job opportunities."

You have to be a registered Democrat in order to vote in next Tuesday’s primary for the 24th Congressional district.